The Church of the Divine Mercy built by the Polish community in Keysborough, Melbourne, in 2005, soon became known to the entire Catholics community in Australia as the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy. Thousands of faithful visit this place of worship, attending Holy Masses in both Polish and English, every year. Particular attention receive conferences organized there as well as monthly Masses dedicated to the Divine Mercy for all mankind, which are celebrated on the first Sunday of each month. There are also other initiatives undertaken by the community gathered around this Sanctuary.

In early November 2018, an initiative was born under the banner: "Australia and Oceania pray for the Divine Mercy". It is about the common recitation of the Chaplet, the words of which have been passed to Saint Faustina by Jesus himself (diary 476), at 3:00 PM, on the following dates, chosen by the initiators with the consent of the priests:

  • 18 May - the birthday of the Holy Father, John Paul II
  • 13 September - the day of handing over the Chaplet to Saint Faustina.


The initiators want to encourage those who are devoted to Christ and the cult of the Divine Mercy, who are scattered in many countries of this part of the world, to join in the above-mentioned days in common prayer, because such prayer shall have exceptional power to obtain graces so needed today.

This effort of prayer may turn out to be crucial for the Church and its future, our priests, young people and ourselves praying together.

This prayer is to be a response to the call of Jesus himself to ask for help through God's Mercy, which is our only hope and source of help in these difficult times in which we live today.

Solemn Act of entrustment of the world to Divine Mercy by Saint John Paul II on 17 August 2002 in  Krakow - Poland

God, merciful Father, in your Son, Jesus Christ, you have revealed your love and poured it out upon us in the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, We entrust to you today the destiny of the world and of every man and woman.

Bend down to us sinners, heal our weakness, conquer all evil, and grant that all the peoples of the earth may experience your mercy.

In You, the Triune God, may they ever find the source of hope.

Eternal Father, by the Passion and Resurrection of your Son, have mercy on us and upon the whole world!


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Divine Mercy Shrine at Keysborough, 337-343 Greens Rd.,
Keysborough 3173, Melbourne/Australia